How to trade Bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrencies with LEVERAGE!

If you want to learn how to trade Bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrencies like a self-proclaimed professional the best ever crypto …


  1. Before you blindly believe all negative comments here, let me tell you my experience with learning cryptocurrency trad
    ing. I stumbled on her contact here on YouTube. I had some prior knowledge of how the market worked and I knew that I really wanted to get proper knowledge of it however I didn't have a set strategy. Her explanations were great and her strategy was very comprehensible which was further illustrated with the aid of a learner-friendly platform. I now have a greater understanding of the factors that affect price action, what kind of technical and fundamental analysis I should be considering, when to enter and exit a trade, and much more. she makes vivid explanations of her strategies in classes which can be offered. And this really made me understand that even If you're not willing to spend the time learning for yourself, you can still be consistently profitable. In my opinion he has been one of the most valuable trading spearheads for how I want to trade. So my advice, find a mentor and also, try incorporating the use of oscillators, scanners and pivot points in your strategy. If you need to get in contact with her, you can do that via email on I hope someone out there uses this information to mitigate risks and make diversification

  2. thank you for doing the leverage for dummies version and actually doing the platform and going slow enough to grasp and understand. I have been teetering on the fence for a year to scared to pull the trigger, now I actually going to do it, slowly and smartly of course, I would love a video on the differences in the leverage platforms info video

  3. Margex – Restricted Locations: You shall not use the Services if You are located, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a citizen or resident of the United States of America (including, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) – You understand and acknowledge that if it is determined that you have given false representations as to your location or place of residence, We reserve the right to close your account immediately and to liquidate any open positions.

  4. With the current increase in the market I see Cryptocurrency as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions

  5. I have a suggestion, you know how you do '10 seconds of tails' well just putting it out there…..15 seconds of tails…huh…you know you want to…pretty please

  6. Hey Vos, are you going to cover poocoin ? It's a charting site that you can see your metamask $$$ totals as well as staking and LPs. Up 500% last few days, $30M market cap and most likely headed for $500M. token burn, redistribution as well … !!!

  7. I feel like futures is a scam. I should have gotten lucky by now at least once. Just loss after loss after loss after loss. It's amazing how I can do the EXACT wrong thing over and over again. I can predict the peak of a bull run like its a gift from God. Just need to learn how to do the opposite of what I have been doing.

  8. Working on leverage can wipe you out quick! You can possibly make a ton of money, just be aware that the losses are just as fast as the gains. Good luck out there! 👍😉

  9. I honestly feel as though you're genuine. Whether it was good advice or bad, I can tell that you were genuine about it. I appreciate it as I don't get the same vibe from most other Youtubers. They're all about making money w/ a million commercials or having us pump up a coin so they can dump on us. I've watched 5 video's of yours w/ no commercials, no feel that I SHOULD buy a crypto right now or not feeling like you're selling me something. THANK YOU for what you do!!! 🥰

  10. kucoin – .1% maker .1% taker fees. That's what I use. They have several coins traded on margin and you can also trade futures up to 100X leverage. (don't have a clue about futures)

  11. Bro I'm glad you're covering this for people. I've been wrecked twice, but you have to pay the man his due for the lessons, but I changed tactics and didn't give up and now I'm debt free. Don't get discouraged when you get wrecked.

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