How To Take Your Profit On Binance After Buying a Cryptocurrency

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  1. For the sake of those who are totally new i suggest that the video should show this is how you should know you're in profile, secondly this is how to transfer it to your bank account and some other things you think a beginners should know. Whether we like or not some of us here are learning through the videos like this on YouTube some of us don't have the money to start the VIP Mentorship classes but by doing this at least they will they'll save small money to join the mentorship classes. Thanks sir Victor, great video God bless you for doing this free.

  2. Please, how do I convert my profit in the coins under spot back to my trading capital. That is, how do I plough back the profits under the coins in spot back to my trading capital to grow it it or make it bigger.

  3. When I transfer my profits from X coin (for example) to USDT and after that to my p2p how I trade that into USD in my bank account to actually cash?

  4. How do I take profit if the coin didn't do 100% since we have 25%50%75% and 100% for example I made I made $10 nad and I want to take out only $10 instead of clicking 25%

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