How to Take Profits During Cryptocurrency Bull Runs ft Dalin Anderson

In this clip from my Cryptocurrency Investing Podcast episode with Dalin Anderson from High Altitude Investing, Dalin provides a …


  1. Do you take profits into another crypto like a stablecoin providing you want to reinvest and coinbase charges for putting money in and out but not changing it from crypto to crypto or do you fully just withdraw it tho? I guess if its lots you withdraw it but if its not a tonne perhaps the stablecoin?

  2. BLAH BLAH – If your going to poet a "How to" then show how to do it. What is the formula – How do you take profit and not reduce your original amount of the coin? SO, you can still have your investment. This is not being answered by anyone. Say I buy 100 Cardano (ADA) @ 1.00 each – $100.00 total cost USD – ADA goes up 10% to $110.00 – I want to take out the $10.00 back to USD – How in the hell is this done? All you people say is take profits – what they hell is the formula – if you want to be helpfull show this and stop all the like, follow jibber blah blah self promo crap – Additionally – at what point do you take – at 3% increase 5%, 10% – 15% that great – How do you know what to put in the Withdraw BOX so your ORIGINAL investment stays intact. I know I'm not getting this and it just has not clicked in my head yet but the explanations given are so lone and confusing and self promoting it is frustrating for someone that just wants the info and to be shown the formula so they do not lose all or part of hard earned $$.

  3. Couldn't focus/listen to this video by watching this dude with the hat. Like I'm on shrooms or something. Had to open a separate window and listen as podcast essentially

  4. The psychology of being completely out and wanting back in, cannot be overstated. Letting a small portion ride during the bear market will keep your sanity after exiting.

  5. Wow. I needed this especially what’s currently going on! Before I would “cash out” because I anticipated an ATH but know I need to skim a little bit. Thanks for this!

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  9. Trying to pick the top of a market is impossible for the majority and fraught with danger.Greed and stupidity go hand in hand.
    If you make profits on a coin take out your initial investment,plus 2x the initial investment. Repeat incrementally as profit allows.

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