How To Swing Trade As A Beginner Investor (PRICE ACTION)

Is swing trading good for beginners? Swing trading is the best deal for beginner traders. It requires less skill and expertise.


  1. With the stock market having so many options, It looks overwhelming…how do you choose which one to invest in? Do you only choose within a certain industry or do you rotate specific stocks?

  2. I swing in one account day trade in the other. Point being if I see something breaking out I gotta get that money. It’s really simple, buy low sale high or for better🎉. Don’t be greedy and you will grow. And I do sale to close when it’s profitable next day.

  3. Great video you really did keep it simple, I really don't know much about trading but after watching this video I will continue to follow and try my best to follow your ways when I start trading Thank You👍👍👍

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