How to start crypto trading with Coinbase Pro

The complete step-by-step guide to using Coinbase Pro…like a pro! 00:00 How to use Coinbase Pro 00:35 Signing up for …


  1. I'm a total beginner, searching for good advice etc. I've watched a few videos but had problems understanding them, for various reasons. Yours is perfect. I understand and enjoy all that you say and do. Many thanks!

  2. Lets say, that’s only amount of money i have in coinbase and i transfer it to coinspot and i want to transfer all the money i have there to my bank which is only $100 is there still a tax?

  3. Hi 👋 m your new subscriber. Thank you for your information ℹ️ very helpful. I got one question can I transfer nfts from MetaMask wallet to coin base wallet n can I convert my Shib inu to ETH in Coinbase wallet . Thank you n appreciate

  4. Dan, do you have experience with resetting Coinbase Pro log in? I cannot log in to C Pro, only coinbase, all my money is in coinbase pro 🙁

  5. This is a good overview. I am a non-US investor. I have experienced holds on my coinbase crypto when trying to transfer it to the pro acct. Do yoj have explanation of their policies that block transfers? Also, im not abld to move USD from coinbase to CBPro. And could you do a more detailed video on buying with botcoin? Esp limit orders, incl the thought process for setting up a limig buy or stop limit?

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