How to Stake Cryptocurrency on Binance – Beginner’s Guide

Binance staking for beginners – How to stake cryptocurrency on Binance Binance Earn, staking Ethereum on Binance, ETH 2.0 staking, how to use Bianance …


  1. Hi there,
    I’ve been watching you’re videos lately. Very interesting and informative. 👍
    Could you please help me out with staking? I’ve deposited money in Binance, try to stake but it doesn’t allow me buy. You’re help would be really appreciated.

  2. So the percentage shows on coins are returns for staking our coins ..
    I mean if you are staking dot it shows 22.49% so do u actually get returns of 22.49% of your coins ????
    Pleased clarify this if anyone has already done staking .

  3. So if I stake for 30 days I will receive my crypto back to my account with Interest and I have to sell that to redeem n receive money??

    Staking crypto is to gain Interest on crypto and not on actual money and sale it for whatever price range going on afterwards!!

  4. When you get your coins back after the locked staking period, what price do you get them back at? The price you locked at or the price they are on the day of release? I mean if you locked coins at 3 dollars and after the period they are 5 dollars, do you still get that 2 dollar profit per coin even if they are locked?

  5. if i stake a coin , can i still buy more of that coin while its getting staked? Would the overall return be on the inital value of the coin staked or the current value. Thank you so much

  6. THANKS for the VIDEO !! – question what to to after the staking period f.e. 30 days is finished ? can I just extent the staking time? or do I need to reedem and stake it again ???

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