How to SHORT Bitcoin and Crypto on Kucoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Margin Trading Guide

Learn how to Short Trade Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency on Kucoin Exchange. In this video I will show you step by step …


  1. Hi I’m very new at this and heard you have to be carful shorting because you can lose a lot this way. I am wondering once you put the order in to short if the coin never hits that low will you be able to get your money back or no?

  2. I am sort of new to the crypto space and I was wondering if day-trading crypto is a viable option for passive income in the crypto space. I find the concept of leverage in crypto fascinating (125x leverage is quite tempting).
    Are there any consistent strategies out there? Can anyone share any consistent startegy with me if any?

  3. Great video! For coins with the “x10” symbol in margin trading, is the leverage automatically set to x10? I ask because I saw no option to vary the leverage like you can in futures. Thanks!

  4. Thank you, Bobby. This was so helpful and very clear now to me. Could you make one on how to short i the Futures account in Kucoin? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hey man great video. I have a question. If I want to short again the same coin can I just sell short again instead of repaying the loan first and borrowing again, correct?


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