How to Setup Profitable CryptoHopper Automated Crypto Trading Bot Bollinger Band Strategy on KuCoin

How to Setup Profitable CryptoHopper Automated Crypto Trading Bot Bollinger Band Strategy on KuCoin Exchange.


  1. It appears some low life scum bag is spamming the chat with a BS RECON Trader profile (They have zero vids or subs). Please note I would definitely never ask you to contact me via text or phone as I do not give that info out on YouTube.

  2. Great video. You mention being able to monitor the bot as an active skill. Would you be willing to point me to a video/resource that helps explain that process in action?

  3. how do i set up my trading bot ? my concern is making a mistake with the set up ? what is a realistic number you can expect if i would like to take the more high risk approach? which do you suggest ?

  4. You seem very reliable, how are the results at the moment? I copyt the same setting as you did and did the backtests to find the most profitable coins. I use bitcoin as base currency but my current profit stands on -1.97 in 3 days.. I got lucky because bitcoin's value raised so I still got real profit but it feels like I could get much more out of it..

  5. Thank you for video sir. I have a question. Please, what do you mean by this: ,,If you will not monitor your bot well, you will may not have the same results like me". You mean watching crypto news, trends, manual selling?

  6. Hi Recon Trader!
    I've got a question for you. Do you think it's more profitable to configure a bot trading with let's say 5 crap coins or another bot trading with BTC and ETH? Because I've been running my "crap-bot" for a while and not seeing too much profit, however, I am wondering if you'd recommend me to only have a bot trading BTC and ETH.
    Thanks for your answer, Isac.

  7. Thanks for the content, it really has helped to understand a lot about this whole bots thing. One question though, is this type of bot better to build a position in tokens you like vs another like bitsgap?

  8. Awesome content. I was wondering how much profit would have happened if you invested in these 5-10 coins without all the selling and buying since most of them gained a lot of value in the past 3 months. Is there a way to compare? Thank you

  9. Question, would this bot also perform well in a bear market? Your backrest was from Nov – March as we have been in a bull run.

    While this helps to automate your trades, you could have invested and made the same $ or maybe even better.

    I love your channel and content, the question is mostly do you believe the BB strategy will work in both up and down trends

  10. Hi Mr Recon, another great video! Is it possible to make another video about Binance futures grid trading? (My grid trades on Binance usually lose money.) Thanks! I've learned a lot from your videos.

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  12. Thank you for the video RT, i have been watching you for the past month since i discovered about crypto.
    Great content and vibe! at least i can do is register all of the bots with your link.
    Sorry that is what i can afford right now.
    Will finally deploy 1 bot today based on your guidance. Quick question though if i deploy a Bitsgap bot on REN/USDT and in the near future i deploy Cryptohopper bot with the same pair, will it create problems for the bot?
    Thank you

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