How To Setup Profitable BITSGAP Crypto Trading Grid Bot Automated Passive Income Trailing Strategy

How To Setup Profitable BITSGAP Crypto Trading Grid Bot Automated Passive Income Trailing Strategy. FREE Bitsgap Trial: …


  1. This is awesome… Thanks for the video. I've bee trying to wrap my head around it, and want to get started with it pretty soon. After e.g. a buy limit order has been fulfilled, is that grid line then converted to a sell limit order? Or is the grid center fixed?

  2. I don't understand why there are red and green dots within the green lines if the green lines are supposed to represent just buy orders, why is it selling in a buy only area? I'm running the 7 day trial and I don't think it will even make 24$ in just 7 days.

  3. stupid question from a layman. 30% after one month. does that mean $100 becomes 130 after a month? I am sorry i am not good a@ math.

  4. Ok, so I'm new to all of this. Completely fresh. Most of what you said is basically Japanese to me, so… I was hoping to get a few questions answered.

    1: What does liquidate even mean, and how does that apply to a low chart score not being a good investment?

    2: What are the differences between the different bot types?

    3: What type of currency is most recommended by you on this website?

    4: How do you gauge the average performance of a market?

    5: Am I even using all of my words correctly? I feel like there's something in my questions that's making me look dumb, other than- you know- the questions themselves.

  5. Hey @RECON Trader #1. We're you Army or Marine Recon (curious) and more importantly #2. What's the difference between and trailing top/trailing bottom and just dragging the top or bottom of the range and increasing the amount of grids to cover more area. —> Am I missing a fundamental aspect of this feature by asking that?

  6. Hi, I understand what are saying. But there is a big differences. EVEN! Even I am in grid (with 43 grids), my Bot doesn't make any transactions. I mean: The bot should make at least 100 transactions per day, but he makes only 2-3.
    Really, I don't understand why. And I am in grid.

  7. hi Recon trader

    Thank you for the amazing video and providing the information for free. I like your 'battle' style 🙂

    Just a question. When you have trailing up and down activated. Does that mean that the grid moves up and along with the price when SOL makes a pump and enters a new all time high or low? For instance?

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