How To Setup New FREE KuCoin Smart Rebalance Bitcoin ETH Crypto Trading Bot Passive Income Strategy

How To Setup A New FREE KuCoin Smart Rebalance $BTC Bitcoin $ETH Crypto Trading Bot Portfolio Passive Income Strategy.


  1. If one coin goes up a lot but you want to take profits from that one coin, can you hit the X and put all of that coin back in your trading account without powering off the entire bot?

  2. Excellent… Can you setup multiple re-balance bots?
    Say, for example, conservative coins for large capital and aggressive coins for a small capital..
    Please keep us posted..

  3. Hey, first timer on trading bot. I’m gonna use a.I., but being I’m a beginner. I read UFO and LOVE what they’re about. Is there anything else I should be looking for before I start a bot under UFO?

  4. How amazing,this guy just showed us the endless money making machine. Finaly we can stop working from now on.
    I am pretty sure that more then 50% of the Botmakers will make no profit on this BS.

  5. As always…GREAT!!!!
    What about to make a tutorial how to set a bot to accumulate ksc? Will it be the new bnb?
    Hope you could think about it 😉
    Thankyou for your precious tutorials

  6. I have been struggling to understand this bot in spite of all i read on the notes for it on Kucoin. But you have just brought me to the light in 10 minutes. Thanks a whole lot.

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