How to setup Gann Fans And Fib Retracements!

Thank you very much for watching hopefully this helped you out!


  1. The most important aspect of drawing anything related to Gann system is that you have the correct (and locked) aspect ratio and scale settings. Can you make a video on that? Thanks! I understood the point where you said don't zoom in or out and I think it relates to locking the aspect ratio but I'm not very sure of that.

  2. … So when placing the retracement did you know that there are Actually Ganns Fibs… When you draw a fix box when do the lines go to middle of the fibs and not the Fib Retracement levels themselves because there actually based on Gann Fibs instead where the cross intersect on the Retracement. just a small tip. These when trading i use for when to move my Stop Loss up but i don't use them as profit targets. HA candles provide me was accurate Exits….

  3. if you want draw gann fan as gann ,, 1/1 should 45 degree for square , first draw the square then draw the fan ,so you should draw square of 9 or 12 , 52 any one of them on chart draw price and time – then you can draw fan

  4. This chart is a mess, stop complicating things traders! … The answer isnt more ta , Its less ta and master risk management and be more trading psychology.
    1. Simple method
    2. Management of money
    3. Management of emotions

  5. Good work man, Imagine doing that based on the square of 9 and angles me they don't have to always be 45 angle. try 30 – 36 – 45 but that decided based on some factors… and the top gann fans, no matter where was the top… u start it based on the 360 angle from low… still….gann square of 9..

  6. Austin you are a champ! Excellent lesson. Gann in deed was a Master of the Universe! Your lesson was grand. Simple. Easy. Elegant. No hype. 100% +++.

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