How to Setup CryptoHopper Automated Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot RSI Cross Strategy BINANCE Exchange

How to Setup a CryptoHopper Automated Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot RSI Crossing UP Strategy on the BINANCE Exchange Get …


  1. Thanks for the excellent video and information. I'm relatively new and youtube seems a minefield for strategies. I've used signals before and dumped them. Could I ask is this strategy for a sideways or downward market and if so what strategy would you use for an upward market. Given the market at the present time (October 2020), which strategy would you implement. Any info appreciated. I only seem to be getting very limited targets over a duration. How could the hits be increased but I am aware of what you say. More targets doesn't = more profit. Thanks from across the pond.

  2. Can you explain why you are using 15 min candles? Running your hopper, seems to miss many RSI sub 30/20 dips. Would looking at smaller candles solve this or would upgrading to higher TA tier make more of a difference? Possibly as BitCoin is in Bull raising RSI to 35 or 40? Also, thanks for your explanations and videos, make a patreon and if your strategies make money I would pledge % of them.

  3. Must say i was I bit sceptical about your SL percentages. But I did a lot of backtesting and I changed my SL from 8 (!) to 1,5. At the moment the best SL for me. Thanks!

  4. Great video, thank you very much! What is the fastest way to find suitable coins for the RSI strategy? It is very time consuming to run through the backtester to find suitable pairs.

  5. Hi sir, I’ve followed your steps and the bot hasn’t traded anything it’s been a couple of hours. How frequent does the bot take positions?

  6. Thanks but i get an issue on the Config pool when saving that says:
    "Oh no! Percentage bid needs to be 0.01 or greater. Also make sure to not use more then 2 decimals."

    I've tried shortening them to 1 decimal place or just a whole number but still wont save, any ideas? Doesn't appear to your settings, seems something wrong wiht mines, just not sure what yet.

  7. Robert, you inspired me to get back to bot trading! If you're earning why stop right?;) BTW, there's this strategy i am using i hope you could check it out. The strategy is called Market Trend Parabolic SAR. I've been back-testing the strategy and shows a really good percentage. Some coins have like 35%-40% gains. Thanks for the video! i got a lot of tips from you configuring my hopper. More videos to come! May the force be with you!

  8. Hi sir great video im gonna give this one an attempt. Would please be able to make an update video around a weeks time. Thanks !

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