How to Setup A CryptoHopper Automated MACD ETH Crypto Trading Bot Passive Income Strategy on KuCoin

How to Setup A CryptoHopper Automated MACD $ETH Crypto Trading Bot Passive Income Strategy on KuCoin FREE …


  1. Hello. Thanks for the great video. Do you know if you can setup a bot to use on futures-perpetuals going long and short or if it only allows for spot trading. Kucoin as well but would be open to use other exchange as long as it works.

  2. My uneducated question and update curious how much do you roughly make in a week ? And an update I used the stimmy for a new laptop planning on all this stuff this weekend

  3. I used based on your video, also MACD. But i notice that with MACD only it buys sometimes when I don't want him to buy because it is sometimes on tops. Did you also tried MACD with other indicators like RSI or SMA?

  4. Hey, great video! May I ask why you limit the bot to just ETH? Surely it would also be successful on other coins in the top 20? Thanks!

  5. What time frame would you recommend for MACD bud after backtesting this bud?
    I'm new to this bot trading (started today) and been told to use the RSI & Bollinger bands yet from experience MACD secured more profits🤔.
    Subscribed to your channel cannot wait to see more!!!😁😁

  6. It appears some low life scum bag is spamming the chat with a BS RECON Trader profile (They have zero vids or subs). Please note I would definitely never ask you to contact me via text or phone as I do not give that info out on YouTube.

  7. I honestly don't know why you run so many different bots on different platforms using different strategies. How do you keep track of things? I understand that you're a day trader too. I don't know how you fit it all into 24 hours. I personally run about 20 bots. But they're all on the same platform, using a strategy that performs well.
    Isn't there a strategy and platform that you like more than the others? That performs better than the others?

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