How to Set Crypto Sell-Limit Orders for Beginners, SHIB/LUNC

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  1. I believe I forgot to mention that the only thing guaranteed with a limit order is the price at which you set your limit. Your order being filled is not guaranteed. It’s all about supply & demand; there must be a corresponding buy order placed by someone, for your sell order to be filled.

    Also, on KuCoin, you must move your crypto from the “main account” to the “trading account” to transact with it/place limit orders.

  2. As totally new to crypto, I am just looking for a bit of assurance I guess. if I set up sell limit orders or buy limit orders, is there a possibility that I can lose money? I do believe the prophetic words but need a bit of courage on the technical aspect thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Execution allow taker allows someone else to buy at that price on the exchange so as the price is moving up then someone else can take it or buy it at that price! Thanks for this video I am sharing with my community! God bless! 🙏

  4. From everybody I have seen on the computer and I've looked a lot and I worked on this for quite a while different things because I'm just barely learning but you make it the easiest I hope that you can continue and making it easy for people at least it does for me thank you

  5. Not sure if it's just my country, but sell limit orders don't appear to be possible for SHIB for me on Coinbase. I am in New Zealand and when you go on the advanced trade for SHIB/USD it says 'view only' and you can't click the sell or buy button. Hoping it's different on KuCoin. God bless.

  6. Ty sir for making this tutorial..I had my Shiba tokens in the metamask wallet just sitting there. I have since learned, from this video, to open a Kucoin acct and transfer them from the wallet into Kucoin so I can setup the sell limits…now I can let the program sell automatically for me at my sell points….:)….u da man.

    Ps.. u have to transfer all or some of the assets into a special trading folder on Kucoin before you can setup the sell limits… Yahweh God is da BOMB!!!

  7. Thank you so much, you have made it so very easy to follow. I just followed you step by step and set my sell limit orders for the first time. Thank you so much, may God bless you

  8. Correct me if im wrong, but kucoin and coinbase was prophesied that these exchanges would fill our buy limit orders for the shiba and btc flash crash and that not all exchanges would catch this flash crash?

    Also our shiba sell limit orders should those orders also be placed on kucoin and coinbase or is any exchange ok to place sell limit orders? For me it would be easier to place sell limit orders for shiba on my countries exchange which is COINSPOT. Thanks ahead if you could possibly help clarify this

  9. Marcus, someone told me they bought stock so they are not in the buy and sell limit orders. He said there is a difference. In this wealth transfer which should you do?

  10. What do you think is going to happen on the taxes side of things? If we make mad capital gains here and most exchanges have 10k cash withdrawal limits…how do we end up paying the taxes incurred? because crypto is capital gains tax

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