How To Secure Your Bitcoins: A Basic Cryptocurrency Security Tutorial by Pamela Morgan

Pamela covers all the basics that both new and …


  1. To back up a two signature wallet, owner could give a paper copy of the one seed phrase to one trusted friend and he could give a paper copy of the other seed phrase to another trusted friend. Owner could put the names of these two friends into his will. This would help to protect his Bitcoin from permanent loss which could otherwise be easily caused by fire, flood, device theft, electromagnetic pulse attack, forgetting device pin number, or death.

  2. so the 12 words can be written in a pattern or in a cryptic format, example say every 4th and 3rd word are the 12 words "higher the income bracket lower the tax more people donate money and crime kings….." in this sentence " bracket tax money kings….." and there can be numerous patterns, you dont nees any wallet any paper just store the 12 words in your email and remember the patterns

  3. Pamela is saying "Backing up your wallet = making a copy of your private key". I don't understand this. What's the use in copying my private key? Whenever some of a private key’s bitcoins are spent, then that private key is being completely depleted of its bitcoins and the leftover change is sent to a newly generated private key. So that means I have a backup of an empty private key!?!

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