How To Predict Reversals

Bullish rejection blocks can be a great way to find the bottoms of moves and can be great areas where price will reverse!


  1. Supply and demand zones. If that area gets wicked out from touching the same area, look for other confluences for confirmations candle stick patterns if a trader uses moving averages etc etc then take the trade. Not just because price came into resistance and support area, or supplu and demand.

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  3. Acting like you know for a fact what’s going to happen will cause you to not truly understand / accept your risk and causes 85% of traders emotional and financial disaster . Change the wording here man

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  7. 😂😂😂 bullish predicting isn't trading cause u hope or think that market will reverse.
    Trading price action is Following what market does, regardless of what market is doing. Understanding price action is more powerfull.

  8. No one can predict what is going to happen from a chart. A chart tells you what has happened but can predict nothing. Sometimes based upon a chart a person makes a guess and is correct but no absolute prediction can be made. If this were true then anyone could make millions in the market but most actually lose money when trying to predict and buy and sell on short term chart information. A good trader is lucky if they make 5 to 10 percent a year. Notice most who claim this method works are young guys who do not have much money and hope it works but if this method actually worked and it does not you would see Wall Street and large investors like Warren Buffet using it but they do not because they know it does not work. A chart tells one what has happened in the past but cannot predict the future.

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