How To Place Trades Directly on TradingView! (Bye Bye, Metatrader 4)

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  2. You mentioned at around the 10 sec mark, you will show how to place trades on the metatrader 4 platform. I had to re-read the title to make sure I was on the right video. haha…

  3. Hey man, when I place orders, I like to move my stop loss up above where I bought in. So I always come out positive no matter what. With that being said, if I let my order go till the next day will my stop loss still be active during the post and pre market?

  4. Why is it that when I submit an order on the chart where it shows $USD and I did a buy even if the stock goes up it shows for $0 USD made and also if it goes down where Iā€™m supposed to lose money it still shows for 0 USD please help me out

  5. Nick , can we move the SL up and down directly on the screen by sliding the the yellow line ( SL) without manually punching in the figures in a box while trading ? This feature is available on paper tradimg with TV . Wanted yo make sure if this is actually integrated with OANDA interface .

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