How to Pick Crypto πŸ’Ž that Will Survive & Thrive πŸ”πŸ‘€ (Valuation Guide for Beginners! πŸ“–πŸ’₯)

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  2. Just started trying to learn about crypto. Most is still BLAW, BLAW , BLAW to me. But I have found myself watching more of your videos for educational purpose out of all. PLEASE keep it up. This is and only crypto channel I will watch. Thank you.

  3. Yes , but the companies you mentioned are American companies. But there production is largely made in China . Uber is one the most known companies. Yet it’s not even profitable. This can be said for food delivery services …how does social media make money ? By selling your info .

  4. What is the possibility of making decent returns for short term investing? I've been reading successful stories of people that make a total return of upto $75,000 monthly profit from their investment and I'd really love to know how to go about investing to make huge 5figure returns monthly

  5. Very sound and fundamental advice. I like your country analogy but it also made me think of farming, having the right soil to plant in and a farmer who has the resources, experience, and knows what he's doing.

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