How To Organically Grow Your NFT Project on Twitter Using This Tool!

In todays video I show you guys how to organically promote your NFT Project using the Social Media Grow Bot Tool. Want to learn …


  1. @Viral Kingdom – My team and I were running this bot on on our project's Twitter and the account was suspended within the first day of use on the default settings you suggested. We've reached out for appeal, any other ideas here? Thanks in advance.

  2. I started using this tool this week and I just got a notification that my account has been Permanently Suspended. I didn't change any of the settings and was only running the "Like" and "Follows" a few times a day. I've submitted an appeal in hopes that I get reactivated but if anyone has any tips to get my account back up, that would be greatly appreciated. I will no longer be using this Tool.

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