How to Mine Ethereum CryptoCurrency on an M1 Mac.

This is a complete guide for beginners on how to mine Ethereum / Eth cryptocurrency on an M1 MacBook or desktop computer …


  1. Hi

    i live on aruba and the wifi is not really great.
    for like 15 days i earnd 0.0000555 eth this is 0.17 $ jeej

    932.7 892.2 793.4 H/s max 1245.8 H/s this will not get up like ive seen.

    did i do something wrong?

  2. Man…change up your cadence from time to time. Was such a struggle to listen to the droning for 10 minutes as you sing song the end of the every sentence.

  3. unless an opimised version comes out to give the rightful mh, it cant even pay for the electricity, also your mac will be so upset to get tired for just an 18 cents lol

  4. using 2020 m1 Mac mini with OS Monterey – copied your info in to a terminal to run ethminer m1 but it doesn't work saying 'no arguments specified' can you help? Thanks.

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