How To Mine CryptoCurrency… in 2021

It’s possible you found this video because you’re interested in the idea of ‘mining’ crypto. Maybe it’s something you heard about …


  1. so…..when you "stake" ADA on other platforms ..arent you still mining it for that particular your selling a Daeduslus Wallet but it could also be our own platforms yes? Digital Surge in AU..who stake it for me and I earn % this the same as your talking about?..just different wallet?

  2. brother nice video but I came here to MINE not to stake, I get it it's an alternative but the two are very different your header should reflect that. it's a very deceiving video you put out and is misleading wih people with less understanding, not because it's wrong, but because it's not what you're advertising. really disappointed all it takes is an extra word in the title

  3. Great video and have just setup my node. Just wanting to ask a question, what about running more than one PC/Server? Do I just follow the same instructions and connect my wallet from the first PC? cheers.

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