How To Mine Cryptocurrency At Home (Step By Step Guide For Beginners) Bitcoin, Ethereum, GPU, Crypto

In this video we will talk about how to mine crypto from home. We will also talk about how to build a GPU miner and more. Please …


  1. Man, bro, im about to go in on mining, and iv been down the rabbit hole watching tons of videos and so far man, yours is the best hands down. I mean to the point, layed out, you answered so many questions. I learned so much more from your 1 video, then all the other videos I seen. I was stuck between if I should go ASICS or GPU, and you answered that. Man, seriously thank you so much. Rock on, your new subscriber. Keep putting out ill keep liking.

  2. This is the first video I saw and it's incredible how straightforward, clear, and mambo-jambo-proof it is. God bless you always, may you make yourself really a great fortune, for you shared your knowledge with the world so open-heartedly allowing us all to start our projects. Really… I still haven't started anything, so I don't know if your guide works for me, but at least we viewers can all try!

  3. But then you need to upgrade your rigs after how many years ?? with your numbers you kind of confirm what I tough you better just put that money into btc and get 6-7% intereset and HODL

  4. it's so frustrating to see miners buy so many graphics cards at one time just so they can kill them mining crypto when PC gamers and builders are desperately trying to find even ONE graphics card that not 5x MSRP. the reason this whole chip shortage is still happening is because you of you! please stop!

  5. Here is a list of all the items needed to build this miner
    6 GPU Slot Motherboard or
    if you are doing 5 GPUs this is a great option
    CPU for these motherboards
    Power Supply Unit
    SSD Hard Drive
    GPU Risers And Riser Cables (these are higher quality than the ones on amazon)
    GPU Cables (only buy original EVGA cables
    (you will need one per GPU
    GPUs should be purchased on

  6. Hey man will you make a high level overview video on what are the best businesses for people to start in 2021? You have more experience than most people in many fields so that would be very useful.

  7. Love the videos! An important note about the graphics cards. If you over clock them they will get hotter and if you don't match this with proper cooling the cards will die. Additionally in the second hand market for graphics cards, any card used in a crypto rig is going to be worth less because of the strain on the cards from running 24/7.

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