How To Make Money With Gemini (Active Trader) In 2021: Full Beginners Guide

I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange and the Active Trader feature, with …


  1. Lol the title of the video doesn't meet the video 😂😂

    And I liked that part… just choose market 😮. Nah… stop loss and stuff is not important. Be careful guys.its not that linear . Well whatever. It just explains how to use gemini. For a beginner? Yeah. Go there and loose your money

  2. Have you heard of an app called BytEX? Is it real or is it a fake. It is in the apple play store. I have this girl who claims to know how to use this app along with Gemini and make money trading.

  3. Please can Gemini beneficiary account number be 9 digits. I mean if you want to wire funds to your Gemini account the beneficiary account number for Gemini to transfer funds to be 9 digits???

  4. I have alot of questions u should make another vid like what do I do after I purchase the stock on active trader do I just let it sit or do I just sell it right after???

  5. Awesome Vid. I will be doing a revision. I am very interested. But I want to start with autotrading. Can I do both, as in, autotrade and active trade? Or would I need to set up 2 different accounts.
    Also, I subscribe to check out more of your videos.

  6. Adam, thanks for the content…. when buying thru the app they pull my money out of my acct ach…. but when i use active trader [ limit order ] they say i don't have money in acct…. does that mean i have to put money in acct before trading or did i do something wrong…. your thoughts…. thanks in advance Vince

  7. Quick Scenario I want to ask you about So I want to switch from forex to crypto, and say I want to day trade Ethereum and I make an order for 10,000 dollars and I buy 4 coins at 2500 and set my stop loss at 2580 well that only moves .35% so does that mean I wouldn't make any money because the fees are .35% What is a way around this? Can I not day trade?

  8. Thanks for the vid Adam, I'm trying to follow the guide but doing it from an Australian account so nothing is working out the same as in the video… any suggestions?

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