How to Make Money Trading Crypto for Beginners (Ultimate Crypto Trading Course Ep.2)



  1. Koroush, appreciate the thoughtfulness of clear content in your course. Looking forward to learning as much as possible.

    The 3 Essential Components to Profitable Trading:

    1. An Edge & Trading Strategy – Without an edge, the probabilities and odds are not in your favor. An edge should include at least 2 of the following, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, On Chain Analysis, and Market Sentiment. Even if you have an edge, you can still lose the game.

    2. Risk Management – Withstand the test of time and play long enough to win, mitigate and control downside risk by limiting the amount of exposure to any given trade.

    3. Psychology – Disciplined and not attached to any trade or trade idea as to not let emotions stand in the way of sticking with your personal trading system and strategy.

  2. โ€ข Edge and Trading Strategy
    – This helps us to really have great insights and market movements and know the know how's to placing trades

    โ€ข Risk Management
    – To take care of the risk and prevents us from losing our capital

    โ€ข Psychology
    – This definitely helps a trader get past mental hurdles that prevents him from being profitable

  3. 1. Edge and strategy – Rather than placing random bets, educate yourself on the market to get an underatanding of the direction its moving. It gives a more solid foundation to which product we invest in.
    2. Risk Management – if we can minimise what we lose, we can make sure to trade another day. Paul Tudor Jones says, if we can limit the downside, the upside is limitless. (not exact quote).
    3. Psycology – Managing our emotions is of the upmost importance, humans can make bad and silly decisions when ruled by emotion. Being emotionally detached from our emotions can help us achieve the goals we set before hand and vice versa.
    Thanks Koroush AK

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  5. For profitable trading I need a trading strategy to develop my own strategy and maintain it consistently. I need to have an excellent risk management plan in place to protect my assets and minimize downside. I will need to be psychologically in the right place to trade, keeping emotions out of trades and believing in my own decisions and staying the course to see them develop.
    Thanks @Koroush!

  6. The three Essential Component are
    1. Trading strategies: finding the edge in the market
    2. Risk Management: managing to funds to stay in the market long enough to make profit
    3: psychology: knowing when to cut your losses and letting winner sow

  7. Thank you! Great video
    The essential components are:
    1. Edge & Trading Strategy – All you need to know about the item itself
    2. Risk Management – Your decisions based on the analysis of the other components
    3. Psychology – How people think and react to the item

  8. AK – thanks man – my answers are:
    An edge: TA/FA/OCA/Market sentiment – If you donโ€™t have an edge then you are going to lose to someone that does

    Risk Management: No point in having three great trades if you lose all your money on the 4th. Also need to have a clear idea where to get in and where to get out

    Psychology – not FOMOing in, understanding why you are taking a trade, keeping cool when things are going against you if you have a solid plan to fall back on

  9. 1. Edge or trading strategy: to become knowledgeable in technical and fundamental analysis and have an idea of market sentiment to be able to beat the market
    2. Risk management: to use your capital wisely and in a controlled manner to be able to stay in the market long-term, and then the upside will take care of itself.
    3. Correct psychology: to make rational decisions, to stay consistent with your trading plan, to avoid emotional trading and to take a break when the market has run against you for many trades in a row (to avoid emotional trading ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I'm so grateful for the the course Koroush; thanks for sharing this for free!

    1) Having an edge & applying a trading strategy – need to have this otherwise its little different to gambling at a casino

    2) Risk management – to manage financial risk and be able to take losses when market turn against the trade

    3) Psychology – to be able to focus on 1. and 2. without your emotions negatively impacting decisions

  11. 1- Trading strategy – what is your trading strategy? Are you full time trader or part time trader. Always set stop losses.
    2- Risk mgt – portion sizing, never losing everything. Always manage risk like the casino
    3- Trading psychology- Be consistent and always calm when training.

    Thanks Koroush!

  12. 1)edge and trading strategy-helps with the technical and fundamental analysis
    2)risk management – makes sure you stay in the game long enough to profit like the casino
    3)psychology-helps you to make rational decisions instead of buy and selling for emotional reasons

  13. Edge and Trading strategy – most important step to get into trading and this is what gonna make you profit
    Risk Management – Always keeps you in game and consistent at earning profit
    Psychology – keep you on track and help you be rational and not bet on emotions

  14. Thanks for the great video. I'll be following your course.
    1) Edge and Trading strategies – trading is PvP and to fight and win we've got to have a sound strategy, review it often and perfect it and to find my edge in the markets and profit from those.
    2) Risk control – minimize risk and ensure longevity of the strategy by adjusting risk ratio to bankroll management in order to keep betting through drawbacks. When applied to a winning strategy this will ensure profit.
    3) Psychology – I am my own worst enemy or my own best friend. To learn the downfalls of my own mind, to not fall in traps such as revenge trade, substance abuse and trading or by poisoning my mind and karma with negativity I have to examine my own mind and tendencies and act accordingly.

  15. Edge/training strategy – analyzing data and making educated guesses based on statistics and mathematics
    Risk management – Not going all in. Picking a strategy and sticking to it
    Psychology – Keeping emotions out of a trade. Training your mind to battle adversity

  16. Yeezys price could fluctuate because of market sentiment. The casino has an edge because they have the zero that wins on any color. We need to analyze the market structure and assess the supply and demand through the study of data. We need to know what makes a project good and learn fundamental analysis. We need to study what the big guys are doing through the chain analysis and lastly stay up to state on market sentiment and learn what is hot and trending.

  17. 1. Edge and trading strategy
    This helps with the technical, fundamental, on-chain analysis and market sentiment. It help create a unique strategy through price history, project feature and whales
    2. Risk management
    Help in better size positioning, setting accurate stop losses and mitigating risk
    3. Psychology brings it all together cos with the right mindset, it easy to win like the casino always

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