HOW TO MAKE $40,000 IN 3 MONTHS [Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy…]

Today we are talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto in general My Strategy for this bullrun: …


  1. These "influencers" make their money from YouTube revenue, promoting certain crypto projects, and from in-your-face corporate It was alleged that Ben was paid to promote ADA, as well as a host of other unregistered securities. The result is that Ben continues to increase his bank account while his followers are left holding crypto bags that have lost 20%+ in the past 48 hours. You can't fight the Fed. More downside for unregistered crypto securities coming.

  2. Having both long/short bots was my strategy for a while.
    However, market always trend to some direction for a while (let's say downwards). When this happens, one of the bots (long bot) stops taking profits and accumulate more and more debt.
    Other bot (short bot) is having profits but they are minimal since no safety orders are filled during trends.
    And when market turns (upwards), profit taking bot starts accumulating huge debt when other bot still needs much way to go for break even. After a while both bots became red for me. Maybe I'm doing sth wrong.

  3. bro you re printing hard. I do watch every single video of you. I would love to learn.
    from small ofc just under 500 or under 300 dollars to start.

  4. Heres a question, what if theres a 10% decline in market, wouldnt that put ur long bots x20 in a big risk to be near liquidation?u have around 5-10 long bots that are all over leveraged how to save urself from tappinng the liquidation and losing ur whole position

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