How To Make $300 Per Day TRADING Crypto in 2024 [100x Strategy]

In this video I’ll show you the Trading software, tools, daily routine, and strategy I use to find and take trades, to make several …


  1. @CraigPercoco CLOUD

    I'm new to trading and crypto and you brought what ive learned so far full circle into a system! SUPER COOL! Ill be watching more of your vids.

  2. Exhausted and finished with this. There's still some USDT left in the wallet. Feel free to take it if you want. first come, first served. Best wishes to you all!

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  4. Cloud
    I love how you backtest the strategy and explain the thought process of the trade! The 3 point entry strategy is amazing! Have always wanted to join your private team but the steep entry price is holding me back, hope this is the time to finally be part of it

  5. "CLOUD" awesome video man! really like how you incorporated the elliott wave theory into your trades and did backtesting two things im just learning! would love to be part of the inevitrade team! also why cloud? is that the style of trading or is that where were going past the clouds??

  6. Hey Craig I was wondering… are you in the US? because you say you use 200% leverage and I'm not sure they do that in the US Do they?? I'm saving $350 towards your course this payday I just got paid today and I'm doing another the rest of it towards the end of the month. let me know if you take payments I can pay you half now to get it over with and out of my hand so I don't spend it lol

  7. Cloud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your proficiency in navigating the trading landscape is truly impressive! I'd greatly appreciate it if you could shed some light on the methods and principles that guide your decision-making process. Understanding your strategy would undoubtedly be invaluable for refining my own trading endeavors

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