How to Make 100 Dollars a Day Trading Crypto…INSANE 5 min Scalping Strategy for Crypto

In this video I explained how to make 100 dollars a day trading crypto, by the help of a 5 min scalping strategy. Consistently …


  1. Hello Soheil. I wrote a pine script to see how this strategy works. Tried it on BTCUSDT pair and it wasn't giving +ve results πŸ™ Tried changing ratio from 1.0 ~ 2.0 luck.

  2. Great teaching sir
    But I have a question
    Can I combine the Conor’s RSI strategy and this strategy
    What I’m considering is using the Conor’s RSI strategy to check if I’m to go long or short then this scalping strategy for my risk management ( to know where I’ll take profit and stop loss )
    What’s your thought on this sir

  3. Hello sir. Another great content as always. Question, how large should my starting capital be and how many trades do I need to take in order to actually make 100 dollars a day?

  4. Thank you Soheil. its a good strategy. However, i added the RSI also to have extra confirmation to buy if its oversold, and short if its overboght. i will try for a few days and come back.

  5. Hello from Japan! Huge fan of yours. However, I have a question. I tried this strategy for a day, today, and I couldn't win many times. Is something wrong TODAY or ….?

  6. Would be cool if you would show how to script this strategy as you did with the golden cross strategy. I like this strategy. I have been paper trading it and give descent results

  7. Hi Soheil,

    I'm new to crypto trading, had some losses I just started watching your videos and I must say that you are awesome in teaching this stuff, can I use mobile phone for trading view analysis and applying the strategy

  8. hello soheil great video as always thank you, i have made a backtestable script for this strategy i want to share it with you and tell me if i missed something thank you again (ps i cant message you on twitter)

  9. Hi Soheil jan
    I have 2 questions
    1/Do you recommend using trailing stop for setting our exit point
    2/When I use the calculator in Binance future USD$M it shows that PNL is the same for setting leverage on 1 or 10 or 50 as long as you have the maximum amounts of dollars in your account. I WONDER HOW CAN WE MULTIPLY OUR PROFIT LEVEL BY USING HIGHER LEVELS OF LEVERAGE ? I mean for example setting the leverage on 10 and earning 10 times more profit in comparison with choosing leverage level of 1. Please explain it sir.

  10. Wow, I'm impressed. This strategy works amazingly! I made 300 bucks just yesterday after watching your video. Thank you very much Soheil for your super contribution to the world! πŸ™‚

  11. Hello Soheil, one more question please regarding the Stochastic. Should both K and D % line be above 80 (short) or below 20 (long), or having just one of the two crossing is enough? Thanks much!

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