How To Invest For Teenagers

If you ever wanted to know how to invest as a teenager, this is the video for you. My best investing advice for teenagers.


  1. I must've seen this video two or three years ago when I hit level 18… because I have a Discover It card in my wallet XD.

    Thank you for giving me hope and inspiration and being so awesome. Can't wait for the bright future ahead.

  2. I have been putting learning about this off but I am ready to dive in I want to be able to buy my parents a house and for them to be able to retire and not have to worry about money etc. hopefully this helps me as a young teen. and i cant wait to learn more.

  3. Having monitored my portfolio performance, Nancy Hall has made me a jaw dropping $370k from just the past two quarters alone. I have learned why these experienced traders make enormous returns from the seemingly unknown market

  4. As with any big financial decision, it’s important to keep your guard up for economic risks. However, smart planning, time management and seeking advice from a financial planner can help keep you and your money safe.

  5. If your parents co-sign your credit card, will your credit score go down if there's go down or do you just inherit their score and it's just yours after?

  6. I’m 25 and If I am not trying to retire by 40 but I do want more financial flexibility (aka keep a job but be able to pull from some investments to supplement income) then should I consider putting more into the third bucket than somebody my age traditionally would? Obviously wouldn’t get the tax advantage of a IRA but I would be able to pull the money at 40 to do what I want with it

  7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I learned a lot and I became more invested in investing money. The way you teach us is so perfect especially for our generation. I hope we all become successful in life! ♡

  8. My grandma said she'll give me a few dollar every month so that I can save up and buy stocks..I'm 13 years rn and I'm gonna probably save up untill I'm 14 or 15 and then invest the money

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