How to HEDGE BITCOIN on Bybit and make constant profits

Hedging Bitcoin is a smart and easy way to protect your profits from an adverse price movement after a rally up and to make …


  1. What would happen in case the price keeps going up and above the 50k, for example, and you are still in a short hedging position? At what point do you close the hedge position trade?

  2. You just made up the low, the low isn't 3500 why do u consider this a low? because it was the lowest on your chart at that moment?
    Charting doesn't work and it's all rainbows and unicorns. The only things to look at are resistance and support levels by the overall order book.

  3. This isn’t hedging if you open a short even at 1x isolated if you enter say at 50000 and the price goes down then you will gain more Bitcoin. But if the price goes upto 70000 you’ll be losing your Bitcoin value.and the fees every 8h isn’t gonna make up the losses you’ll incur when Bitcoin goes up to 70000. Don’t follow this video you’ll lose your Bitcoin.

  4. You are polish? Because I'm polish too, why there is so problem to talk with better accent? Because I see you know much more words than me and talk much easier than me.

  5. i am trying to understand this, however i am trying it in binance and it is not working, price goes up buying with USDT and i make a loss. I even asked Binance support that if i buy btc with usdt and i short it 1x, then price goes up i should sell it back at a higher price hence zero losses. and they say its not possible. DO i need to short 1 x on perpetual instead of usdt?

  6. You deserve 1 M subscribers man! The way you explain is so peaceful and I feel the real trader is teaching me ❤️lot of love from India. But I don't understood properly the funding fees concept can you please make a separate vedio on it 🙏.

  7. Strange. I don’t see the hedge mode option under settings. BTCUSD inverse. Any ideas?

    Also, can I open a main position, let’s say 5x long @ $60,000 then take smaller/scalp shorts on retraces to banks some profits?

  8. I appreciated for the information. I have a simple question, If I have longed bitcoin at the price of 50,000 usdt through limit order and the market price is 55000 but want to put limit order for short position at the price 45,000 usdt, is it possible?
    In binance when ever I tried, it always triggered with market price.

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