How to Get ZERO % Trading Fees on Crypto! – Coinbase One

This is How to Get NO Trading Fees on crypto exchange Coinbase! Watch this video to learn how to get zero trading fees on …


  1. Stupid use Coinbase !!😆Good luck for zero fee ! Coinbase will drain ur money. Stay away from Coinbase and taxes u will pay back. I rather use exchange that no require KYC

  2. this is not true, youll end up paying and losing more, try it with DOGE, its ridiculous! Try to buy 10,000 DOGE coin on simple trade and the advance! stupid expensive fees, do your own research ppl

  3. I buy something for $500. I get charged $500. But it shows that I have $450 worth (without price fluctuation). Why is this????? Ive been having a hard time trying to do this but I can't figure out why im being charged when it shows "No fees"

  4. Just found your channel yesterday and I really like your videos! When do you think the update video for simcash will come? Really like this way of making money and want to see your earnings after like a week on a few devices to get the most out of it.

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