How To Get Rich in 2023 with Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing has been tough, but there is no better way to try to become a millionaire other than with BTC …


  1. Crypto education is highly recommended and valuable for all. Crypto has improved a lot of financial institutions and markets making it's Market cap grow above Gold's market cap. Bitcoin is said to be the future of fiat currencies. please be aware of scammers 🚫

  2. @VoskCoin can you do a video soon on how to file taxes when related to Crypto with all that’s changed and developed. For example some of us caught up in that FTX/ BlockFi/ Celsius scam and rug pull and how we might go about claiming losses or facing different tax rates. Obviously not “Financial Advice” but just different choices we can be aware of to do our own research and form our own decisions.

    Thanks buddy keep up the good work!

  3. I have to assume that somewhere out there is a bullet with SBF's name on it.

    Anyway ….. we pick ourselves up, and carry on. We learned the lesson that the regulators are NOT out there to protect us, but rather to ….. well, regulate. They work for the state, not us.

  4. You should learn to trade forex and futures also. You can make money regardless of the direction, and if you can learn the discipline to trade, you can use that to fund other mining. Branch out in that way also. Long only investments are not always the right way to trade or to invest.

  5. The best way to get rich in crypto is investing wisely. And by wisely, it's knowing when to buy, sell, and hodl. Plus, invest only in legit ones like United Token 👏

  6. Beast with over 1,200 amps depending what you are running on the 80% rule that’s 960 of 211,200 watts of 220.. or 62 L7’s … at current market would cost about 558,000 and would gross would gross 1240 a day with an upside of probably 3500-4000 per day

  7. Love the content. Wanting to start mining and stacking just nervous of where to start. Patiently waiting to see what pulled up your driveway on the flat bed truck. (I know what it is, just can't wait to see how you put it to work for you)

  8. It excites me too; web 3 is going forward and the blockchain will be the next technological move that changes the future of civilization. I believe you are on the right course in providing the nodes that you do. you are a pioneer who bought a car when everyone has their cart and horse. your work helps develop the future that is inevitable!!!
    Never give up and never surrender, the work we do will prosper!

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