How To Fund Binance (Fiat & Cryptocurrency) | Step By Step Tutorial

In this video, I’ll compare all the possible methods to fund Binance, then show you how to fund Binance using the correct methods.


  1. Can i know what's the obsession with using binance in Singapore? U can't deposit fiat, cant trade, cant buy crypto. Why die die must put crypto there? Can anyone explain.. im genuinely puzzled. Or is it no longer usable in Singapore currently? Thanks!

  2. Very straightforward video and informative! 🙂 However if binance has already removed Singapore, does it also means that if Singaporean wants to verify and get Binance account moving forward will be impossible? I've tried to create an account with Binance however I am unable to verify my identification because I can no longer choose singapore as country of residence.

  3. Thanks kelvin for an informative video. Pardon my ignorance. Why do you use Binance instead of Binance SG where u can easily do the SGD deposits/Withdrawals (Xfers method)? Please elaborate.

  4. Hi, I saw in another of your video on the communication with binance support that mentions that if the person wants to buy crypto, all the person have to select is LOCAL. Tried that but didn't really work as it shows the credit card details but it's with another country currency. So may I ask what is this LOCAL about? Thanks in advance

  5. Hi I have a question, when transferring crypto. Means I buy BTC for example, transfer to Binance, and use that BTC to buy other coins? What happen if I buy BTC at high price, and when I transfer over the price of BTC drop? I will then have less funds to buy my desired coin? What is there to protect us from this?

  6. Kelvin, if I already have USD in DBS multicurrency account, the transfer of USD to Binance will be quite straightforward right, without any forex involved, correct ? But is there some transfer fee ?

  7. Hi Kelvin, two things
    1. Withdrawal USD from Moo/Tiger, we’re you charged USD 25? (If you see, it is written on the transfer page that Tiger doesn’t charge any fee but Bank May charge USD25)

    2. I tried to send USD to Binance to their Signature Bank account with all the details being correct. For 2.5 weeks , the fund was stuck and after a lots of escalation, I was able to get my Fund back . Bank gave the reason that As the merchant is in tax haven (Seychelles), the intermediary bank rejected the fund transfer. My bank was Standard Chartered , but have you tried this method to deposit funds to Binance? (Specially after they changed their bank to Signature Bank. Earlier Binance bank account was with Silvergate and I never faced any issue) .

  8. When transferring crypto into binance, I prefer to buy NEO because it does not have any gas fee. 1 draw back is you can only send in whole number quantities e.g. 1 or 10 or 100

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