How To Find 100X Altcoins EARLY (beginner guide)

Here’s you beginner guide on finding 100X altcoins early! GET MY FREE NEWSLETTER …


  1. Dang Lark! Always dropping the wisdom. I wish I woke up and caught this one when it was fresh. Had cash for …? Literally just hazed out pretty much the exact same time I did to myself two Cycles ago! Mf 2017:))) How did I not learn yet? But you tapped into the psyche of it.. PTSD… nailed it… Sounds like I’m not alone to that practice. But the sleeper has awakened!🪬🙏🏻🪬

  2. Just saw this td. I watched you feb-julyish 2021. After bear i just lost faith.
    I think this is Your best video man!!!
    Maybe the weed 🌲
    Maybe cuz its 3am 🕒
    But srsly im happy to be back on the Lark train.
    Been interested since 2010. Trading since 2010.. i was one of those guys who had a couple bitcoin on an old laptop that i either thru out or lost.

    But i first bought again in 21

    Ok long story short i appreciate ya bruv ur the man and this vid had plenty of alpha and good tips summed up. Not one sectionthat i felt like ffwding.

    Take care good luck this yr


  3. Great guide! If I had followed it from the very beginning, I might have found TIA a little earlier))

    When is the video about the NEAR protocol? I'm really looking forward to it. You wrote that it will be soon

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