How To Do Cryptocurrency Taxes in 2021 | CryptoTrader.Tax – Walkthrough | Coinbase, Binance, Uniswap

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  1. For everyone in the comments saying “convert to another crypto or stable coin to avoid taxes” or “it’s only when you trade it for USD” please stop. This is terrible advice and will cost investors money or get them in trouble in the long run. As soon as you convert crypto A to crypto B that is a taxable event. The gains from crypto A is recorded in the transaction. That is all good luck out there everyone.

  2. Sup dude, good review!

    perhaps you could make a another one about Graphene. Seems as it is the new blockchain architecture designed by Phore. The best thing is that they haven’t ICO or pre-mine. What is your thoughts of it?

  3. Ya man, nice review

    Pls make one about JulD. This coin is created by Jul and distributed only among their holders. Is there any other way to get it btw? Their total supply is 800m. What can you say?

  4. Question: Suppose there was this guy. A US citizen buying crypto using a VPN on Binance (global). Is there any repercussion for reporting this on his taxes?

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