How To Day Trade Crypto With $100 As A Beginner

Hey crypto fans!! Are you new to the cryptocurrency market and learning how to day trade? If so, I’m going to show you a super …


  1. Thank you for the great presentation, I have a question that when I sell any crypto they lower the price, like BNB is $405 and when I sell they give $385, also when I buy I pay $408 which is higher than the normal rate, do you have any advice how to trade with this high fees?

  2. Amazing Video! Question can my profit increase if i have more than 100 dollars For example can I turn $200 dollars into $400 dollars in one single month? or only $300 dollars??…

  3. Also, what if the RSI goes over 70 but you didn't make 2% yet? What if it doesn't in the day? Do you hold and wait until it does or do you just sell and take the loss?

  4. Thanks for the video! It was helpful! Could you do a tutorial or demo of showing how you buy/sell in coinbase pro? I set up trading view and coinbase pro but I'm lost in coinbase pro with the buy/sell options. Thanks again!

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  7. Following you previews video strategy about placing around 1500$.
    Try for first time yesterday on Luna "Top 10" on market, RSI at 38 price at 86.98$, immediatetly the price drops to 85$ and after one day try to reach my initial invemest price.
    On this cases you suggest to wait unit get etc 2% profit or exit and get a loss trade for today ?

  8. Are you compounding your trades and buying with 100% of your cash each time? buy 100 today and sell 105.. so tomorrow you buy with 105? at what point do you start splitting the trades over more than one crypto? 50 on bitcoin and 50 on eth? Also most of the YouTuber.ers, regardless of where they are from, speak about prices in USD or USDT but my local currency is Euro. Should I be trading in USD or Euro or does it really matter? As a proof of concept I am going to start with 100 for a month and see what happens. If I am successful then I will invest more.. maybe 1000.

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