How To Copy Trade My Crypto Trades! Make Money Sleeping!

How To Copy Trade My Crypto Trades! Make Money Sleeping! ✓ Sign Up For Fairdesk ($100K deposit bonus potential): …


  1. Hi I'm very interested in your method. Q: So if I signup with fairdesk using your link with $2k and I'm in the US, do i get that margin on signup and then you;re saying copy your trading? Also, how do i control if You're trading much higher amounts?

  2. OMG!! This transformations is absolutely amazing!! I newly trade in cryptocurrency and I've been making losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrongly ?

  3. im considering copying you and Im on your Fairdesk copy trading profile. at the bottom i can see your past trades and next to that i can click on Follower. Can you explain what each of the last three columns is telling me? Seems like some huge variances from your performance. Is that because of leverage or did some cancel out of your trades?

  4. This is a great video, but i copy trade with FX Trading Arena through Mrs Miriam Alvarez, she has grown my funds through copy trading and helped me on reaching that level of financial freedom i have always desired.

  5. Telling us to trade with a fixed amount of 100 when that is our whole portfolio, then one of their trades is liquidated and lose the 100 I put in to get started. Should have done a margin account. You did a terrible job of explaining the difference

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