How to Buy Solana Altcoins on Jupiter [Meme Coins]

The best ways to use Jupiter DEX for Solana altcoins. GET MY FREE NEWSLETTER …


  1. Are you serious? Using JUP? Phantom wallet is telling me SOL IS EXPERIENCING NETWORK CONJESTION, so then why are you suggesting it? Iv already been though hell and back trying to complete other SOL > TON transactions when it went into a spin and refused to complete my trade. 5 days later i still have 4 trades spinning away unable to complete the purchase. So now you want us to try this again? Come one, there has to be a better bloody network than RAD and JUP!

  2. Also Lark what’s your take on Slothana ($Sloth)? Got in the presale but frankly feel like it’s lost money… nothing feels right there

  3. Guys remember the gold rush business made more money then most mining for gold. MEANING BUY JUPITER THE MONEY JUP WILL MAKE FROM THOSE swap fees from MEME COINS GUARANTEED πŸ’° be smart not desperate

  4. If you are reading this, you are still early! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    buy $MYRIA (100x potential gaming altcoin!)
    Research before buying.
    Also highly suggest: AXL, JASMY, PENDLE, XTZ,STX, PIKA, BRETT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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