How to Buy Polkadot DOT Cryptocurrency for Beginners

How to buy Polkadot DOT cryptocurrency – where to buy Polkadot crypto and best places to buy DOT cryptocurrency, how to buy …


  1. Hey mate ! Thank you for this video, cool

    Want to hear your thoughts about Coinstox. I want to purchase some token CSX. Will I receive better revenue if I purchase that token?

  2. We are already trading on Kraken, but are very new to it. We are struggling to find a Tutorial on 'Understanding the Charts and lines on the Kraken exchange charts'. Can you help? Loving your Tutorial btw. Simple but informative.

  3. I bought some $DOT on kraken but isn’t showing up on my balance. It’s showing up in my total balance instead under spot. Does this mean I have bought it or do I need to deposit it? I’m not really sure:(

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