How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Uphold for Beginners

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Uphold for Beginners! Do you wonder how to buy crypto on Uphold? Wonder no more. Watch my …


  1. Uphold has very strong safety protocols I had a very difficult time removing crypto from uphold, I was extremely pissed off at the difficulty, but there customer service finally gave me the proper instructions to make sure the facial recognition worked for me and I got access and removed my crypto. I was mad but the difficulty was to protect my account. Just make sure you are patient and start with a small amount of money to make sure you have access ,are able to remove and buying and selling all figured out adding more money.

  2. I canโ€™t get my bank account to link with uphold, it does everything itโ€™s supposed to do then when I look for my account in uphold it says 0 banks it wonโ€™t even show up. So your saying just use my debit card which does work Iโ€™ve been able to deposit, what should I do when it does noon and I donโ€™t have my checking account to send it to? Just to another crypto?

  3. Thanks for the video, I watched it all But still don't know exactly what's going on. I'm Very new to Crypto and have never bought any. I'm trying to pay someone $500 and they only accept Bitcoin.. I have no idea how this works, I thought if I put in $500 out of my debit account and buy $500 Wirth of Bitcoin then I can pay that seller $500 of bitcoin.. lol I don't think that's how this works.. How do I pay someone $500 of bitcoin?

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