How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Canada

Here is a step by Step guide for how to open a wallet and start buying cryptocurrency in Canada. In this video I will walk you …


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  2. Hmmmm looks like you have to be a US citizen to open a CoinBase account? as the address default is asking for State and SNN etc.. Zac is there any platforms you recommend for Canadians.

  3. your videos are always out of this space mate, Huge Kudos for that.. The market is very unstable and you can not tell

    If it's going bearish or bullish.I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because futur

    valuations are all speculations and guesses.When these reports are bullish take some off to the side lines,

    when news gets bearish start buying."Keep it simple simple" that bear/ correction was the best thing that happened me.

    But all thanks to Lemasbundy. for his amazing skills for helping me to earn 18.6 Btc through trading chart.

    I believe we are in the spring phase..

  4. I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my whole life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you katherine flores

  5. I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my entire life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Kristin Hillsley.

  6. Hey Zac, new sub here… I actually love your content and got into the wagon in Newton from an old vid I found from you,. Now I see you moved to Coinbase, is this better than Newton, how do I switch as well, pretty new at this thing thanks

  7. Thanks for the update. <I will advise traders, especially newbies, to have an orientation of the market before getting involved. I must say trading offers more benefits than just holding, thanks to Steven Dunn for always keeping me ahead of the trend, so glad I started his program

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  9. Fee to buy BTC was about 8%…..or I got it wrong?
    $18.51 value of btc
    Fee $1.49
    Total $20

    And same amount of Fee will be for selling. If we buy and sell in less than a minute, we will be charged 8% Twice. for $20 it will be reduced to $16 approx.

  10. Is the return the same if I buy $50k BTC direct from exchange vs $50k BTC ETF? what is the difference? buying through my TFSA seems to be my best option. Will I be able to withdraw this anytime?

  11. What do you think about Coinbase Exchange, Uniswap, Binance Exchange ?
    Where can I buy and sell easily is it profitable to be part of a pool instead f individually purchasing
    I'd love to get an answer to this
    Tysm brother

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