How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners 💻😎 (#1 Ultimate Guide 2024!) 👑 Step-by-Step (Updated!) 🚀

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    Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. This video is the ultimate #guide for beginners on how to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more! Divided into three sections, we cover key concepts, security tips, and the actual process of buying cryptocurrency. Let's jump in!


    ⭐🐙 Kraken ►
    ⭐ 🌐 Coinbase ► (+$10!)
    ⭐ 💎 ► (+$25!)
    ⭐ ₿ Binance (USA) ►
    ⭐ ₿ Binance (Int’l) ►
    ⭐ 🎯 Gemini ► (+$7!)

    ⭐ 💳 Tangem ►
    🔐 Ledger ►
    🧱 Cypherock ►
    🧰 BC Vault ►
    🎯 Trezor ►

    ⭐ 🤖 Malwarebytes ►
    📱 Efani SIM ►
    🗝️ Yubikey ►

    PRIVACY TOOLS!! 🕵️‍♂️✔️
    🌎 NordVPN ►
    📧 Proton ►
    🧾 Shieldfolio ►

    MOBILE TOOLS!! 📡✔️
    🔋 Malwarebytes (Mobile) ►
    📟 Google Authenticator ►
    🛑 Authy ►


    00:00 – Crypto Market is Heating Up
    01:00 – Overview of Ultimate Guide

    04:20 – 1️⃣ SECTION ONE: 3 Concepts Before Buying Crypto

    04:25 – Concept 1
    06:11 – Concept 2
    07:02 – Concept 3

    07:57 – 2️⃣ SECTION TWO: 9 Steps to Take BEFORE Buying Crypto

    08:26 – Step 1: Check for Malware
    09:14 – Step 2: Secure Devices
    10:40 – Step 3: SIM Swap Protection
    11:25 – Step 4: Protect Online Data
    12:13 – Step 5: Web3 Wallet Protection
    13:43 – Step 6: Get Encrypted Email Acct
    14:55 – Step 7: Enable 2FA
    16:35 – Step 8: Create Record-Keeping System
    17:52 – Step 9: Get a Hardware Wallet

    19:15 – 3️⃣ SECTION THREE: How to Buy Crypto Step-by-Step

    21:00 – Kraken Exchange
    21:25 – Coinbase Exchange
    21:47 – Gemini Exhange
    22:02 – Crypto .com Exchange
    22:22 – Binance Exchange
    22:40 – How to Transfer to Wallet
    24:20 – How to Use Tangem Wallet
    24:25 – How Crypto Wallets Work


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    DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and not to be construed as financial, legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. © 2023 Crypto Casey. All rights reserved.


    ❤️ Be safe out there.
    —Crypto Casey

  2. so once the bitcoin has been transfered does that go up in price as the market price increases or down…so if i buy bitcoin at when it was 20K..I TRANSFER IT AND WHILE IN MY SECURE WALLET IT GOES UP TO 25K OR AS OF TODAY ALMOST 50K..does that also carry the current price or is it locked in aat what i bought it for ? or does it only stay at a 100$ dollars and never goes up or down,,,im confused

  3. Hi Casey, thank you so much for your concise, informative, and absolutely comprehensive videos – I'm loving them 🙂

    I'm having trouble with the link you've provided to get the Yubikey. I can access the website independently but maybe you have a discount associated with them?

  4. Can someone tell me where I can learn more about what to do with buying crypto. I just bought bitcoin for 1K, and was told this was a big mistake . I feel so stupid and I really want to learn. I feel so overwhelmed and have no idea what I'm doing, yet I'm trying ti understand. Can anyone tell me where to learn. I love this ladies platform, but I'm still struggling to understand the basics I think, especial;y now that I was told I made a huge mistake buying bitcoin.

  5. Hi, your content is great!. Thanks for that!! However, I suggest you to add some updates or disclaimers on how to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Trust wallet or any other wallets. The Coinbase wallet fee can reach up to 50% of the transaction value and over…..nothing to do with your examples. Any idea why this happens?

  6. I must say, after listening to your video as I was interested in getting into crypto once I heard all the things that you recommend doing before getting into it I just plain old lost interest. Too much to deal with, thank you for saving me the trouble.

  7. How does one verify ownership of a cold storage wallet (or an exchange wallet) for the purpose of proving reserves/collateral in conventional financing? Example: mortgage lender wants proof of $50k in reserves as proven by a bank or custodial statement with my name, account number, and transaction history with balances. I can show all of that except there's nothing with my name at the top proving it belongs to me….is there?

  8. Casey, love your stuff. Question… What do you think about buying crypto in a IRA on Robinhood? They hold the crypto for us. And we can't transfer it to a wallet.

  9. Thank you so much for all of your information, especially for those of us that are just starting down this path.
    Could you please do a video on purchasing pre-release all coins.
    There's so much information out there on potential investments of new coins, most of which you're in pre-release stage and aren't actually issued the coin at that time and all of them have rather confusing sign ups.
    Pandoshi as an example, as well as MELD.
    Thank you again for all you do!

  10. Wow, it's crazy how some people can become multimillionaires by investing just $10K in trading within a few months, while others have to work for 40 years to reach $1M in retirement savings. The power of smart investing, right?

  11. Hello
    I am new in trading
    I signed up with Magna-fx
    Turn’s out it’s a scam platform and I lost 13k
    Can you make a warning vidéo for others
    I will now try venus 4t
    Are they legit?

  12. Can you do a video on these Exchange ETF[ETP] Leverage Tokens?
    Is it a scam? I noticed a 13% gap on bitrue between the 3x shorts and longs & completely skewed charts>
    I cant make sense of it.
    Besides 99% of orders being owner exchange bots… seems even more rigged.

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