How to Buy Cryptocurrency directly on Scalable Capital? 🇩🇪

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  1. Every crypto investor right now just smiling at the price of crypto as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROl.more person are gonna become millionaires and we have crypto thanks for that

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  4. Hi Bharat – really appreciate your work, the videos are great.
    I have a question, on Scalable Capital though. Can the funds be transferred to ither brokers or you need to sell the assets if you wish to change broker? For me as a long term investor that is important.

  5. I have invested some money on the etherium etp already now in scalable capital. Now there is news of eth 2.0 is coming up and I am worried how it will affect my correct investment into an etp that is backed by eth 1.0. I have read blogs that eth 1.0 will be obsolete in coming future. So what measures should I take to transfer my eth1etp to eth2 etp ? Some blogs say we do not need to do anything and the transition will be automatic but that’s the case with who ever invested directly onto the crypto from coin exchanges. Is the same true for etps as well ? I am really worried about this now Bharath. Also scared to put more money into it although, I want to.
    Any insight on this would be awesome man !

  6. Watched a few videos now, quite motivating channel. I live on Germany but might move somewhere. I have Scalable Capital too, and I wonder how you do it living in Romania. You keep the account, but they stop withholding taxes and you declare it in Romania? Is that always possible or do I need a company like you?

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  9. hi bharat , Love ur videos ,very genuine and tons of infos . very thankful for it. one quick question : do you/we have to fill out the W8-BEN form so the dividends dont get double taxed in the USA+Germany? i use scalable and invest in SL Green too. thanks!

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  13. will there be a Tax in scalable capital while selling cryptocurrency , normally no tax for cryptocurrency as per my knowledge? and other question how to download the coins to Trustly or coinbase if we buy bitcoin here?

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