How to Buy Crypto in UAE | Binance for Beginners

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  1. Most UAE credit cards are considering buying Cryptos as cash advance, so you have an extra fee (typically 3-5% or AED 100 whichever lower + VAT + daily charges) if you are buying virtual assets via credit cards. So, most of the time, P2P trading gives better and transparent rates without hidden charges. I am not sure of charges of Debit cards, appreciate if you can list down the charges/hidden cost for the different payment methods for crypto purchase and your recommendations on the best buying approach.

  2. how is the exchange rate calculated when i buy via my debit card? lets say i wanted to buy 1000USDT,how much does it cost me? and which specific bank debit cards work with binance?

  3. Hello Dean, I have a friend in UAE and wants to buy bitcoin on binance, as per your suggested methods of P2P or credit card purchase which would you recommend will give us maximum value, also is there any fixed percentage or fee if we buy with a credit card, for example; if we buy a 1000 dollar worth of bitcoin, what will be the fee on that?
    Also please advise if we buy with a card, shall we buy the Bitcoin directly or buy USDT first and then convert, would that make any difference in value?
    when we convert USDT to Bitcoin, is there a fee?
    would appreciate your advice on the above, thanks

  4. Hello I am so grateful to come across your video. I recently bought btc for 700 thru p2p. When I bought the crypto from the user, it's value in dollars in the charts was somewhere at 48,000 and the value of it in dirhams was 212,*** so the value of my btc is now 600. And the value of the user who was selling the crypto was high as 212,*** too! What does this part of your video mean when the value of the users are high and the others have lesser value? What am I supposed to do here?

  5. I have a lot of doubts regarding the selling options through the Binance app, and how to receive money from my sells into my uae account.please Would you help me?

  6. Hello Dean, I have a question: if we transfer $300 and want to maintain the same dollar value, can we keep it as Fiat, or does it automatically converts to BUSD, and if it does, would it still be the same value as $300 after few days since the conversion rate is 1:1 from $USD to BUSD?
    Please advise or suggest what must be done to maintain the same value of deposit until we decide to buy any crypto which is giving us better profit or rate?. Thanks

  7. tried using an ENBD card to buy ETH but page displayed "card not supported or transaction not supported in your country"

  8. Hi Majid, thanks for the video. I want to know is there any way withdraw small amount (500AED) fait money from Bianance to UAE bank?

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