How To Buy Bitcoin In Singapore

In this video, I’ll share with you how to buy Bitcoin in Singapore, where to keep it, and things to take note. Enjoy! ▻‌ Keep crypto in …


  1. Hi kelvin…I watch your videos a lot. My country is Bangladesh. I work in a company in Singapore. Now I can do crayto currency business if I want. There will be no problem later. please reply

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  3. ☝️Honestly at first when I heard him I assumed and concluded within myself that it wasn't real. But when I started following up his updates I saw that a good certain amount of people were testifying positively about him I decided to give it try and I was dumfounded when I realized it was legit. I love you sir

  4. U are so cool buddy! And on top of that u r so intelligent and knowledgeable. And on top of that u r on ur way to becoming Singapore’s richest billionaire one day!

    On top of that u r a kind person and I want u to be my ‘sifu’!

  5. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works..

  6. Hi Kelvin, I don't think you can use Revolut card to pay for Coinbase as they do not accept prepaid debit card. Strictly credit card. Hence the loophole of getting cheap exchange rates does not apply here

  7. I have an issue with uploading my proof of address( bank statement) which stated within last 90days date but it has been being rejected twice from Binance sg…and does anyone know how to proceed on this KYC step with any other document .. ?

  8. Hi Kelvin, I have watch your entire video and is very informative for me as a beginner which i wanna start investing in crypto, next is a very subjective and individual question which i know you are not a financial advisor too but i just wanna hear your thoughts. To start off as a beginner with 100SGD, what coins will you recommend ? other than BTC and ETH. would be glad to hear from you, thank you

  9. Excellent Video.
    Hi Kevin can you advise the following :-
    I bought small amount of ETH in Coinbase. COINBASE accepted SGD to settle however now they are stating I cannot convert back to SGD. We can BUY Crypto using SGD but they will not convert to SGD if you sell ? 🙄
    Would you provide any suggestions. They no longer use Xfers. …

  10. What about using DBS Remit with a multi-currency account to remit USD with zero fees. Exchange rate is comparable to Revolut. (e.g. 15 Jul 2021 1015PM, DBS: S$1=US$0.7332, Revolut S$1=US$0.7383)

  11. Hi Kelvin, thanks for the good videos! Can you give your thoughts on where do we keep our crypto if lets say we want to buy less supported crypto such as nano? if the capital is very small then should we just keep it in binance exchange since there are no other interest accounts for such a crypto? any advice is appreciated, thanks!

  12. Hi Kelvin. If I'm intending to trade via binance, are the gains taxable? Understand there shouldnt be any capital gain taxes in singapore for long term investment. but.. any difference if im trading?

  13. Binance is best to buy bitcoin as binance was biggest exchange in the world right now, but cash out slightly troublesome. Binance sg too much control on annual withdraw this make us cap to invest higher gain and investment.

  14. Hi Kelvin As per ypur advise i bought bitcoin, please kindly let me know how to sell the bitcoin, and get back money to my dbs account. Please let me know. Thanks for your help

  15. Hello Kelvin, really like yr videos. I learned alot from you, thank you. Will you please do a video about crypto interest accounts. I don't want my crypto to be a "lazy bum bum" just sitting in Coinhako, so I invested in Southgates Capital. I just started investing, and i'm making a lot from them. Lol

  16. Hi Kelvin, as you mentioned buying some bitcoin directly from blockfi is not as good due to the lousier exchange rate, but if I buy from binanceSG then transfer over to blockfi the fee is high. Can you recommend a way or which way to maximise the amount of bitcoin I can have to store in blockfi for example?

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