How to buy Bitcoin in Kenya using MPESA

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  1. Plz help me coz when I opened my account was not able to chat with my seller and you want to say that you can pay via M-pesa.I think it has been giving me great headache.Thanks.

  2. I think Mr. Mumo you've left a major topic in this video. And this is how buying and selling will bring you more money. Interest. The rates, how to deal with fluctuations, exchange with other coins etc

  3. Hallo Mumo, yesterday i bought bitcoin with 1200 Kshs. Via Mpesa To Equity Till, but before the expiry i had already paid my trader has not released bitcoin to me. to date any advice please.

  4. @Mumo, that video is elaborate an helpful. Only that I request you clarify how one gets to know the days bitcoin value (per bitcoin) so that you can be able to sell at a profit, or be able to bargain when buying

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