How To Buy Bitcoin in Japan [Cryptocurrency]

Lifetime 10% fee discount on Binance: How to Buy Bitcoin in Japan on …


  1. ATTENTION 🇮🇳 Hello there, i have a very important question to ask i hope you can help me out with this. If I vist japan and stay there for 2years and buy bitcoin with my savings and then come back to my country india will i be able to sell the bitcoins with profit? Please help me understand this.

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  3. For someone starting as a complete beginner, how do you deposit money into Binance for trading? P2P trading is only for people who already have crypto?? Is a Japanese bank considered a 3rd party?

  4. Every bitcoin investor is just smiling at the price of bitcoin at this point because it was strong and indeed valuable enough to generate a good ROI. More people are becoming millionaires and we thank bitcoin for that

  5. Hey
    Great video.
    I’m a beginner when it comes to bitcoins.
    I have a question, I read that Binance will phase out its services to people who are residing in Japan. Below is the summery of what I read.

    “In 2018, Japan’s financial watchdog FSA warned Binance against operating without a license; earlier this year, the firm announced it will phase out services to customers residing in Japan. “

    I would like to know if it’s still ok to use binance in Japan?

    Thank you in advance..!!

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