How to buy Bitcoin in Germany in 2022 – Cryptocurrency in Germany

Learn how to buy Bitcoin in Germany in 2022. In this video, I tell you how to easily buy crypto in Germany using eToro. Register …


  1. Hi Everyone, just letting you know that you have to do your own research when you are buying bitcoin or crypto. People in the comments might have various opinions and I recommend that you don't listen to a single person . Most importantly there are many scammers out there so be careful and finally if it seems too good to be true, it is not!
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    Unfortunately there are too many bot comments which I cannot keep up with deleting, so just don't take any advice from them!!!!
    Bleib Gesund!


  3. by the way ,, now for non german citizen it is not possible to use etoro any more due to new policy. You need video verification and this do not accept many non eu passports nor they take resident permit card. People already using etoro , i recommend shell every thing and go to traderepublic, they accept normal resident permit and non eu passports as well.

  4. Esse vídeo foi muito interessante! Se não fosse pela ajuda da Sra. Naomi Connor, quem sabe como eu teria sobrevivido à pandemia. ela ajudou a gerenciar meus ativos, colocando-me na plataforma certa

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  6. The best time to invest Bitcoin /fx and cryptocurrency trading is now. Don't say to yourself that is going down because you will end up postponing for ever start now and make sure you start with a right broker.

  7. Nice video, I love to share how I have been able to make so much profit in crypto since this year began, I honestly can’t understand the negative view cryptocurrency and other token receive

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  12. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different streams of income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy hard

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