How To Build A GPU Mining Rig | The Basics

In this video, I will give you a look inside my head of what I think of when building a GPU Mining rig and what steps I take.


  1. I forgot to add the clip to show the volume of the Server PSU but you will be able to find it in the common-questions channel on my Discord!

    Hope you enjoy!

    If your new and you need a place to start!
    ⭐The Basics:

    • Part 1 – GPU Mining Rig Buying Strategy:​

    • Part 2 – You are currently here 😉

    • Part 3 – Motherboard BIOS Settings For Mining:​

    • Part 4 – Which Operating System Is Best For Mining?:

    • Part 5 – Overclocking & BIOS Modding Guide:

  2. Hi, if i were to build a rig like this, would i see more hashrate from an application called Unmineable? I am currently mining with a msi gs63vpro and currently getting pretty good results around 2.5 gh/s with the laptop itself.

  3. I know profitability can change with electricity cost, what coin you're mining and current price etc…but what is the average profitability of a 12 card guy rig like this? I'm thinking about giving it a try on building one.

  4. Please when you explain don’t just show random pics of GPUs or random cables. Just show whatever you’re talking about. For example, you were talking about splitters, risers and some other cables why would you show a pic of a random GPU. Just show that cable or the splitter, etc…

  5. Do you have any videos where you show how to setup a GPU from start to finish step by step like what software to download how to do it and all that.

  6. I have the income to build the mining but I am confused about how to load the program to mine and do I have to manually move the mined coin to my crypto wallet

  7. Hi. Thanks for this video. However, I have one question. Can I use express card instead of the PCIe slot. I am trying to save my wifi card and I need to know if the speeds are the same. Thanks again

  8. My first question: What wattage output is needed for your PSU? Second question: Does it make a difference if we get a motherboard with 8 PCIe X16 slots instead of X1?

  9. why does everyone (except RPM) say to totally build the rig before powering on?
    motherboard, processor, ram, HD, power it up
    it works? show up in Hive (or whatever)?
    add one GPU
    it mines?
    carry on, add one GPU at a time

    That way if there is a problem you know what it is

  10. hello. where to insert the display's Hdmi cable..
    I plugged in my gpu to have the display, as Hdmi in motherboard did not support after installing GPU
    and there is a reduced hashrate in that GPU .. is that because of it processing my display's images also..
    please help me in this , as I'm a newbee in hardware

  11. Hi im building a 14 card GPU ATM and i want to test my two PSU units (2600W each) the connection to the GPU's is there a way you can do that?

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