How To Build a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot with Python [Part I: Trailing Stop Loss]

This video is about getting live cryptocurrency data via the Unicorn Binance Websocket and implement a Trailing Stop Loss …


  1. I never miss any vide of yours. You are posting amazing content for beginners. There is a course on using reinforcement learning for managing portfolio on Coursera. Can you kindly check that and make an easy version of it for your viewers?

  2. I'm also on hype train for next part of the series. The way I learn python is to look on trading view indicators pine code and rewrite them to python. It's great way to check if python code indicator works allright by comparing output values with TV indicators. Now, this trailing stop loss/take profit series might complete my bot abilities. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hey AlgoVibes big fan here. If you're looking for video ideas, I can't seem to find a good tutorial anywhere on implementing more than 1 coin trading alerts/signals/backtests anywhere for crypto trading. A lot of single coin strategies but they are not very helpful when trying to isolate high win ratio entries/exits while scanning the whole market

  4. LOVE the video. Excited to see the next couple. I'm going to turn it into a class with Momentum I think. (i turned your Indian momentum video into a class for crypto momentum. going to add the TSL into that one. pinning down the short term crypto reversal is a bit more challenging. )

  5. Great video to explain the principle of a TSL. Regarding python implementation I would have preferred to see an actual python class StopLoss with a function trail() and a function or property is_triggered() or similar. By doing so you could easily reuse the code in future projects. Still a great series and looking forward to see more!! Danke dir!

  6. Okay, watched it all. Interesting Idea, usually the TSL is based on the lowest price, for long and highest for short, but you are making it based on a pure percentage which is something I didn't see in a while and forgot about this kind of TSL, I'd give it a try in pine script.

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