How To Build a Cryptocurrency Live Trading Bot with Python using the Binance API [SMA Crossover]

This is a corrected version of my previous uploaded video. This video is about getting live cryptocurrency data and combine it with historical data to trade …


  1. Don't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway Damn good clip 🙌🙌. I also have been watching those rather similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MStar Tutorials also had cool information about similiar money making things on his vids.

  2. Hello professor, look, is there any way to test this algorithm without having to do the buy-sell operation? Because I still don't have a balance in binance. Can it be through a SQLlite database?

  3. I am not sure if I have something wrong, when I print historicals, I get two lines (23 and 24). But in your video you get only one line.
    I am checking but didn’t see any mistake in my code.
    Some tips?

  4. Thanks for another great video.
    Just starting with python a few days ago I have been able to follow your binace crypto BOT videos.
    But these BOTs are getting more and more complicated. I am understanding them but for sure I will not able to do improvements easily by my own.
    Waiting for new ones to continue learning.

  5. I was wondering, since you are using the ST and LT from a day average, could you change this to being lets say 15min average? and what would have to change in the code for it to do so?

  6. Hello again! Sorry to bother you, but your videos have been of incredible help to me! But I have a question and I can't find the answer anywhere. On my robot I'm using the macd_diff indicator and it works pretty well, but for my strategy I need a robot with an error rate close to almost zero. Could you please advise me which indicators in your opinion are the best so that the robot can know when the chart will rise (when I say rise, it just needs to be a rise of 0.3 percent).

  7. Deine Videos sind wirklich super! Hab sehr viel gelernt und freu mich auch schon mein Wissen, so wie du, weiter zugeben. Ich setzte mich gerade mit dem Thema qty auseinander und es ist tatsächlich gar nicht so einfach, den Maximalbetrag in % zu kaufen und verkaufen. Da gibt es verschiedene Herangehensweisen aber nicht wirkliche Lösungen. Welche Möglichkeiten würdest du in Betracht ziehen oder könntest du dazu mal ein Video machen? Allgemein, vielen vielen Dank 🙂 lg

  8. It be interesting if we could test the parameters as you now just copy them. Thought one could maybe do this by creating 2 vectors containing the parameters you want to test, and then have the model iterate across the parameter combinations, logging the results (win rate, overall profits, etc) in a few matrices. Overlaying the matrices and we could see which combination would work the best for the selected data. Repeating this for different market states (bull, bear, sideways) and you got a pretty solid model. Only to remember that past results don't guarantee profitable results. 🙂

  9. Hi Algovibes – Great video..
    Had a doubt.. instead of 1D.. if we would like to do it every 15min.. should we call "gethistoricals" everytime when passing to "liveSMA"?

  10. Awesome video again! really helpful with this content. Wanted to ask you how can you solve this problem in python "ConnectionClosedError: code = 1006 (connection closed abnormally [internal]), no reason" it seems the websocket disconnects. How can I make it to reconnect again within the while loop
    async with stream as receiver:

    while True:

    Thanks again!

  11. Great work. Can you make a video on Telegram api and binance api ?

    Whenever a trade gets execetuted or triggered we should get notifications in Telegram bot. I haven't found any related videos.

  12. love so much this kind of content, thanks buddy , im running my own version , and its doing quite good , 10-15 usd in a week , but today i just finished the versión will run for 1 month non stop, hope it works fine and se whats happend

  13. Absolutely loving your content.. I have learned so much… Really appreciate all the hard work that goes in making these videos.. keep up good work.

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